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The Mistress agrees to care for the slave, to arrange for the safety and well-being of the slave, as long as She shall own the slave. The Mistress also accepts the commitment to treat the slave properly, to train the slave, punish the slave, love the slave, and use the slave as She sees fit.

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Mistress April – For my entertainment and your enslavement

A Slaves offering: “I am here today to tell you that I am yours. Nothing else I can tell you would explain my love and devotion to you more clearly. I am, and ever will be, your servant, mind body and soul. I will make it my mission to serve you, obey you and worship you to the best of my abilities” Music to my ears!

Home | The University of Slavery and Servitude

Mistress Emma will give you personal attention through messages and your slave journal. She genuinely cares about Her students and while get to know you as well as you will let Her. Work hard and She will reward you in many wonderful ways.

Make Your Husband Your Slave - Easy Steps

You are a woman who secretly wishes to make your husband a slave. You wish to be his Mistress. Learn the simple steps to do so!

Slave Contract - Goddess Angela

Slave agrees to change the slave’s actions, speech, and dress to express the ownership. Slave will always speak of his Mistress in terms of love and respect, and address Her appropriately (i.e. "Mistress", "Goddess", etc.) when so directed.

Mistress Sin – Goddess Cruella

Mistress Sin was a powerful woman, and she flexed her bicep and pressed down harder. Millimetre by millimetre, the slave’s face was forced towards the water. There was an explosion of bubbles and he thrashed his arms as his head went under. Mistress Sin held him firmly, until finally there was no fight left in him.

My sister's slave - The MousePad

My sister's slave. Hey this is a true story about how i became my sister's slave... One day my older sister came back from a long hard day at the gym. She was using the treadmill to keep healthy. Well as you know she was sweating alot you could smell her by a mile away. She went to the bathroom and took a hot shower she takes around 20 minutes.

Cruella’s World – Cruella

Photo Feature. Equestriennes Cruelty in Spain. Video Feature. Angel’s Spurred Boots. Video Feature. Quarry Of Despair. Video Feature. Mistress Jo Shoots Jackie & Slave. Video Feature.

Practices & Scenarios – DÓMINA IRA VON MESMER

Raped and Abused by Mistress and his/her Friends. Religious Scenarios. Secret Agent on a Mission. Shower Scenes. Slave Ownership. Slave Training. Slut Training & Pimping. Super Villain. The Car Breakdown. The Classroom. The Honeytrap. The Interrogation. Voyeur & Voyeur Catch Out …