porn xvid,This vessel is a high power offshore vessel with twin screw with controllable pitch propeller. One bow tunnel thruster and one bow retractable azimuth thrusters / one stern thrusters and two station controls in wheelhouse (Fwd & Aft). The vessel’s engine room is located in the fwd, and the vessel’s accommodation is to be located in the lower / upper, forecastle and deckhouse. The service space shall be located on main deck. The vessel is for operation in unrestricted waters and completely outfitted and equipped for following duties.

porn hd moms,ABS +A1, Tug, Supply Vessel, Circle E, Fire Fighting Ship 1, +AMS, + DPS-2, Unrestricted Navigation and Anchor Handling

Main Particulars
Loa78.20 m
Lbp69.00 m
Breadth moulded18.50 m
Depth moulded8.00 m
Draft designed6.00 m
Accommodation6 * 1 Berth Cabin
22 * 2 Berth Cabin
Industrial Worker 10 men
Speed14 knots
Deadweight3000 t
Deck Area600 m2
Bollard pull150 t
Cargo Capacity
Fresh Water500 m3
Drill Water / S.W.Ballast1500 m3
Fuel Oil1150 m3
Dirty Oil12 m3
Bilge Holding9 m3
Liquid / Brine700 m3
Bulk Cement11244 cu ft
Rig Chain Locher300 m3
Lub Oil (M / E)10 m3
Lub Oil (Gen / Set Eng)6 m3
Foam22 m3
Hydraulic Oil4.50 m3
Dispersant22 m3
Sewage Holding14 m3
Main Engine2 * 6120 bhp
Propulsion SystemControllable Pitch Propeller